Saturday, February 25, 2006

At last, I've started blogging!

Hi all,

I'm here at last. For quite some time now, an uncle of mine has been enthusing me to start blogging. It would sound lofty if I said I never found the time! No, it's just that I never got down to doing it, for some reason or the other.

Last week there was a pretty interesting debate on my writing group's mailing list, on the merits and demerits of blogging, and here I was with nothing to say. Gosh, I almost felt ashamed to think I'd never even tried. Life is too short to leave anything untried, so here I am. And I have this intuition that I'm going to enjoy my stay in bloggers' world. Keep checking out this space for (hopefully interesting) writings and links.

Beware though; most of the posts on this blog may be my own writing, as I am a writer ;-)



MouliG said...

Ah, welcome to the blogosphere :) Hope you have a fun time here.


Raj said...

I wonder who the "uncle" is!

Janani said...

That's him... Raj Varadarajan, an uncle of mine... he's the one who enthused me to start blogging :)