Saturday, February 25, 2006

Let's move back in time, to the days of nature worship

Nature’s beauty is an art of God. Let’s feel the touch of God’s invisible hands in everything beautiful.”

-Rig Veda
In looking for solutions to current problems, the past should not be disregarded. Embedded in most ancient religions of the World are aspects of nature-worship. We need to retrieve those aspects of religious traditions that have positive ecological value and use them to reconstruct today's major living religious traditions so that they unambiguously teach respect for the whole community of life.
Religions like Christianity and Judaism condemn a destructive attitude towards nature. If we turn to Eastern religions, Buddhism emphasizes the interdependence of the individual and nature, teaching a reverence for all life and the practice of ahimsa or non-injury. Hinduism is a way of life that looks at God in all elements of nature and seeks to protect it.

Whatever people value as sacred commands deep respect and is likely to be cherished and protected. This was the belief that fired the anger of Chief Seattle when the American President wanted to buy their land. He radiated passion when he said, “We are part of the Earth.”

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