Thursday, March 02, 2006

Expect the unexpected...

Life metes out the strangest lessons. At all times the only thing we can expect is the unexpected. Consider this simple example: I cycled for 30 minutes every morning for more than 6 months last year. I didn't lose ANY weight. This time around we had a good winter in Chennai, and the only thing I wanted to do in the mornings was draw up my blanket and sleep for an hour more. I did not cycle for over 3 months, and I lost more than 4 kgs! Really, life is very ironical. Does our observation stop there? No.

I tell people, "Expect the unexpected, but try to find out why the unexpected happened so that next time you will know what unexpected outcome to expect!" Anyway, I tried to see why I lost weight when I did not cycle. Here's what I found: When I was cycling, I was tempted to gobble up every tidbit that was placed in front of me during the rest of the day. "Ha! I cycle anyways, so why not!" But when I was not cycling I felt a pang of guilt when I saw that extra helping of cheese on a pizza... consumption of rich food reduced and I lost weight.

Of course, that does not mean I need never cycle again. In fact, it's high time I started, because my many friends (aged 6 to 60 and higher) in the neighbourhood have already started asking me why they are not seeing me cycling in the mornings (that's the problem in a very friendly neighbourhood; everybody knows what you are up to ;-)) Anyways, come summer, mangoes will flood the market and I have to make up by exercising. This time around I will be wiser. I know that cycling is not enough; I also need to curtail food intake. If that just does not happen, and I once again end up putting on weight despite exercising, at least it will no longer be unexpected ;-)

Reason. Let it guide every moment of your life!

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