Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hinduism is not a religion

Don't believe anybody who tells you that their religion is Hinduism. In fact, if they have told you that, they don't really qualify to be Hindus, for the simple reason that Hinduism is a way of life and not a religion. This is the underlying logic behind the fact that there is no formal system for conversion into Hinduism. You just learn to live the life of a Hindu.

See the following link for some articles that explain this wonderful way of life...


jasmin said...

Oh God, Cool, I am loving the extensive knowledge you sharing with me through your blog. Thnx


jayaram said...

Do you know what is religion? Its nothing but a faith / belief.
Ofcourse all religions shows the path of life thro' certain dharmas / rules / policies.
In hinduism People following Sanaathana dharma, while others also following their own dharma accordingly.
If my faith / belief is with hindu dharma, i will lead my life according to that, surely that will show me the path of life / enlighten my life.That's why Swami Vivekananda Says
"The Hindu man drinks, sleeps, walks, etc.. religiously. Religion is different from Community. Suppose if i beliefs in other religions faith / belif, surely that will lead me to enlightenment what they refer. This is only possible thro' firm faith.
I am not blamming, anyone following hindu dharma can proudly say i am HINDU.