Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holi Greetings!

Wish you all a very happy Holi! Holi, as you all might know, is a day to seek the blessings of Agni, the fire God.

Agni, in the Vedas, is described as the purifier. He is considered the essence of life, the fundamental life-energy. He is equated to will power and strength.

Sa hi rtuhu sa maryaha sa saadhur

mithro na bhoodhadhbuthasya ratheehi!

Tham medheshu prathamam devayantheervisha

upa bruvathe dhasmamaareehi!!

Rig Veda I.77

Translation by Sri Aurobindo: "For he is the will, he is the strength, he is the effector of perfection, even as Mitra he becomes the charioteer of the Supreme. To him, the first, in the rick-offerings the people seeking the godhead utter the word, the Aryan people to the fulfiller."

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