Monday, March 06, 2006

Significance of the number 108

The number 108 is very significant in Hinduism and other Asian religions too - the rosary has 108 beads; many slokas have 108 verses or enlist 108 names of deities; as a special prayer people circumambulate the sanctum sanctorum in temples 108 times; and so on.

At the temple the other day I was wondering why the number was so special, and started playing with some simple mathematics. Sum of the digits in 108 is 9. Divide by 2, you get 54 (5+4=9). By 2 again, you get 27 (2+7=9). Keep on dividing by 2 and the sum of the digits of each quotient, is 9!

A Google search unravelled many more wonderful explanations. Check out...

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