Friday, March 03, 2006

Strange sights on a summer afternoon

I was returning from the British Council Library today afternoon. It was pretty hot. Summer has just begun. In fact, this time around it was pretty cool till Shivarathri day. Anyway, the cool winter days are now just a happy memory, and it's become sweltering hot already. I was actually sweating profusely even in a loose white salwar kameez.

Waiting at the signal, my eyes roamed and rested unbelievingly on a fluorescent purple coloured car that came to a halt outside a famous sari shop in Pondy Bazaar. The purple was so bright in the sunlight, that it almost hurt my eyes. The fun is not over yet. A tall, fair girl stepped out of the car. Guess what she was wearing? A pair of black leather trousers and a matching shirt. A boot legged leather trouser with silver sequins. I wonder if she was just back from a movie shooting or something, but it was too fantastic to believe.

Makes me wonder if some people haven't heard of the word 'comfortable'?

Well, that's all for this week. Am off to Kerala, visiting the Guruvayoor temple and Puthukode (my mom's ancestral village). Ta ta, till Monday!

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Edyta said...

You are sooo lucky... I mean, it's hot there... and i am freezing down here. :)
Good luck!