Friday, March 10, 2006

What it takes for a technology magazine to succeed

Yesterday, Niyam Bhushan (, Consulting Editor, BenefIT ( shared with me his insights about what it takes for a technology magazine to succeed. With his permission, I share his views for all to benefit...

"Lemme tell you that journalism is a 'people-oriented' skill and career. Somewhere along the line, many seem to have forgotten that, and I don't blame them. We are all often like little boys obsessed with little toys to get the larger picture. Hence technology-journalism suffers in this country.

In technology-journalism, people are the core, and technology is optional. That is the cause of the huge success of Wired magazine, and the demise of Byte magazine, and the superniche circulations and dismal sales figures of technology publications.

Thank God, women's magazines are about men and how to handle them. :-) If they were only about women, no women would buy them. 'Truth lies in the opposite,' in the words of Dogen, the great zen master."

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