Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When you are taking a break...

It is humanly impossible to work continuously. It is healthy to take a ten minute break after every hour of work. Walk out of your cubicle and get yourself a cup of your favourite beverage. What next? There are a lot of simple activities you could do during your short breaks, which will not only refresh you, but also sharpen your skills and knowledge at the same time. Here are some…

Buy yourself a book of math puzzles by Shakuntala Devi. Pick a puzzle at random and start solving. Her puzzles are absolutely mind-boggling and most of the beginner level puzzles can be solved within a few minutes. I suggest you buy yourself a book of solved puzzles so that you can peep into the solution and get back to work satisfied after your break is over. Otherwise, your mind might unconsciously keep hacking the puzzle in the background, not allowing you to concentrate on your work later.

Another alternative is free form writing. Just let your mind loose and write whatever comes to your mind. After five minutes, stop and read through what you have written. Sometimes your write-up is so funny that you can get back to work after a refreshing laugh. Other times, you may end up having jotted down such profound thoughts that you can improve the piece and publish it on your blog or elsewhere.

You could also visit sites like www.howstuffworks.com, www.wikipedia.org and www.whatis.com and read the day's featured article or any other of your choice. They are great resources for improving our knowledge.

Enjoy these `break time exercises', and also share any more that you can think of.

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