Saturday, May 20, 2006

Some books I read recently

Here are some of the books I read in the last fortnight, in the order in which I liked them...

1) Two Lives by Vikram Seth. This is a fantastic book. I am always in awe of Vikram Seth's easy writing style... he achieves the greatest aim of any writer... makes the reader comfortable and makes her turn the pages in anticipation of more fluent, free-flowing, well-chosen words. A thriller makes one turn the pages in a different way, a classic makes the reader turn the pages in a different way. Both delight the reader. This is a classic :-)

2) Mahatma Gandhi - His Life and Times by Louis Fischer. An evergreen book.

3) Effective Communication by John Adair. Found an old, yellowing copy in my dad's shelf. What Adair has spoken about is timeless, so it did not matter that it was an old book. I enjoyed reading it.

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