Friday, May 26, 2006

Some interesting facts from Reader's Digest - March 2006

The March issue of Reader's Digest has been lying on my table for a long time now, and today I felt so ashamed because in the eight years of being an RD subscriber, I have never let an issue remain unread till two months later! I read it today. And am I glad I did... it was an extremely interesting issue, and I came to learn several strange things from it.

I learnt for instance that Mozart was a person who was perpetually hungry for life (er, not always in the positive sense). A self-proclaimed womanizer, he is known to have happily commented that he'd had his "amusement" with more than 200 women! He appears to have been quite a prodigal too because the article says that he'd often been seen going (with bulging pockets) to the pawnbroker, despite having a steady income from his music. Strange that such a talented musician (whose music still has the power to soothe our battered nerves in this fast era) was so restless. The article also mentions that he was thirsty for love and care since his childhood days, and would go to his parents and other acquaintances and ask if they loved him. Perhaps that was the reason for his restlessness.

I also learnt that several of the most beautiful and picturesque mountains in Europe are facing a severe population crisis - no, not a case of too many people, but too less. The photograph of the region, which was published with the article was SO phenomenally beautiful that just looking at the picture made me want to live there. But it appears that with people migrating to the cities, there are barely any takers for the Swiss Alpine landscape.

Trust RD to provide us with such amazing insights! Eight years and I have still not tired of the magazine. I don't think I ever will. Kudos, RD team! (Thought I'll say this, just in case they happen to come across my blog sometime :-))