Friday, June 23, 2006

Veggie Au Gratin Revisited

Realised that I had not uploaded a picture with the recipe of Veggie Au Gratin. So, shot one today :) Click here for the recipe.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Romancing the skies...

Where did journalists meet decades ago?

The other day we had gone to attend the debut music concert of a cousin and my maternal grandpa asked one of his old cousins, a veteran journalist, about whether there was some kind of press club where journalists of his generation met when they were in their prime. Not a second elapsed before the answer shot back, "Oh! They used to meet wherever drinks were available at below the market rate!"

I swear, I am still a teetotaller ;-)

Wodehouse vocabulary

You know what, like there are dictionaries for Medieval English, Modern English, and what not, I think there should be a dictionary of amusing words and phrases used by Wodehouse in his writings (for all I know somebody might already have compiled such a dictionary!)

Of course, in most Wodehouse novels, the plot is hilarious as well, but then sometimes I think even if the plot were not hilarious, I'd still be rolling on the floor laughing if I had a Wodehouse in my hands! His language is absolutely amusing, extremely entertaining. I am so overcome by by emotion (the light, funny, happy kind) now, thinking of "Right Ho, Jeeves", which I was reading last night, that I really cannot go on with this post now...