Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dom Moraes

I enjoyed the recent long weekend with a book of Dom Moraes' Collected Poems in my hand. For those who haven't heard about Dom Moraes, here's the Wikipedia link... :-)

I discovered Dom Moraes recently, when my uncle gifted me a collection of his poems. I am enjoying his poems so much that I thought I'll share the joy with you all! Do check out some of Moraes' poems whenever you can.

Here is an excerpt from 'Serendip':

From ships beached on stone,
Bleached exiles, faces etched
By firewind, fetched their lives.
Language formed on the lip.
They settled, they bred,
Watched by the eyes of the forest,
Shy behind helinathus.
They evolved codes of conduct.
With the wheel and the tool
They composed a culture:
Symbols scratched on stone
Hewn to build temples.
Thing, place, creature,
Named, therefore known.

Lovely. I loved this verse, like most others in the collection of Dom Moraes' poems published by Penguin. Hope you manage to lay your hands on a collection of his poems sometime.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

What an irony... on Independence Day, I photographed flowers that have been plucked out of the plants and bound into a bouquet! But they are beautiful nonetheless and I could not help clicking them :-)