Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lion Dance

My husband and I were in Malaysia, at a resort called Strawberry Park at Cameron Highlands, during Chinese New Year this year (around mid-February). We were quite fascinated by the Lion Dance that was conducted on the ocassion. Two people wore a lion costume and danced to the music of energetic drum beats with the jerky, fast and fearsome movements of a lion. The "lion" danced at the entrance, the reception, restaurant, and all important areas of the restaurant. I believe this is supposed to ward off bad luck and welcome prosperity and all things good in the New Year.

After returning to Singapore, I noticed that Lion Dance troupes went around the city for a whole week after the new year, stopping and dancing at shops, restaurants, offices and other establishments where they were welcomed.

(You can read more about the Chinese New Year and the Lion Dance at Wikipedia.)

Check out some photos of the Lion Dance shot by Vikram...

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