Monday, July 23, 2007

A word a day keeps boredom away...

When you take a break... visit

It is amazing how such a simple website can be so addictive, but it is! Simple... you go to the site, click on "Go" and it shows you one word and a text box. You have to just start typing into the text box whatever thoughts that word inspires in you. Just let your thoughts run wild and jot down whatever crosses your mind the moment you read that word!

As the developers explain on the site: "The real purpose of this exercise is to alleviate our natural tendency to edit everything-and learn to flow. An analogy would be a film camera: when a film is shot, the camera just rolls and captures everything-good and bad. When all the shooting is complete, the raw film is edited into a cohesive piece. The camera operator doesn't keep
stopping the camera and rewinding and editing on-the-fly-the camera just rolls. If it were to stop, some of the best performances and spontaneous moments might be missed. So: be the camera. Well, that's a stupid saying, but you get the idea. In writing-just flow. Go back later and edit."

An excellent exercise for writers; a good way to unwind for all others as well!

And once you fall in love with oneword, try their other sites and as well!

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d@k$h said...

Checked out the website Janani!
Looks cool :)