Monday, August 13, 2007

Mission Impossible!

Last month we attended a performance at the Sydney Opera House's main concert hall. You know what, the Opera House is simply amazing just to look at... but listening to a concert there is just out of the world! Most brilliant acoustic experience I've experienced so far.

(Hmm, actually no, second-best, because the best acoustics any day is at the Kalakshetra Auditorium - Chennai, in its own natural, ear-friendly, art-friendly, heritage-friendly, cultural, cultured way!)

Coming back to Sydney... so, this concert was composed and conducted by Lalo Schifrin, winner of four Grammy awards and six Oscar nominations to his credit. But you'll probably recognise him best if I tell you he scored the famous 'Mission: Impossible' tune!

This concert was in his inimitable 'jazz meets symphony style', and was performed by the virtuoso James Morrison on the trumpet, and the upcoming Ambre Hammond on the piano, along with The Sydney Symphony orchestra.

As expected, the scores were scintillating and the delivery perfect. This the first time I've listened to a symphony orchestra live, and, not surprisingly, what amazed me more than the performance of the lead players was the brilliant, impeccable coordination of the symphony orchestra. Some of the instrumentalists had to play for less than a total of two minutes during the two and a half hour concert, yet they did it perfectly. The percussionists took such care to make sure that the the synchronisation was perfect... in fact, I noticed that one of the guys who operated what looked like an oversized gong (I don't know what the instrument is called!) actually used his hand to stop the thing from vibrating for a second longer than required! Exemplary team work.

Brilliant experience!

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Rajesh said...

Whew! Very cool. Would love to be there someday! :)