Wednesday, August 15, 2007 is here!!

Been to It just got bigger, better, much better, much, much better... the new avatar, also called was launched today, on the occasion of India's 60th independence day. And they could not have done it at a better time! There is much talk about India not giving back enough to the global open source community. This website bodes to be a relatively big step towards that.

For one, much of the content of Linux For You magazine is going to be opened up under a Creative Commons license and made available on the website. But more than that, if used well, could prove to be a good platform for Indian developers and users to connect with each other and with global projects -- share tips, discuss issues, collate ideas, blog, contribute content, and so on. The site will also point users to the best content already available on the Web, in addition to original content developed by the Linux For You and EFY Times teams. The community can also contribute content to

There seems to be something in it for everybody -- CXOs using (or considering the use of) open source in their enterprises, developers, professional users, newbies, etcetera. The website is still in the alpha stage, so do make it a point to share any bugs you find or suggestions you may have with the team!

OH, I almost forgot to tell you... there is a BRILLIANT interview by Linus Torvalds on -- he answers around 35 questions put forth by the open source community (the interview was organised by Truly, an amazing, frank interview. Topics discussed range from what textbooks students should read to why there aren't any many notable Indian contributors to the Linux Kernel.

Here is a tiny extract...

Q: What does Linux mean to you -- a hobby, philosophy, the meaning of life, a job, the best OS, something else...?

Linus: It's some of all of that. It's a hobby, but a deeply meaningful one. The best hobbies are the ones that you care 'really' deeply about. And these days it's obviously also my work, and I'm very happy to be able to combine it all.

I don't know about a 'philosophy', and I don't really do Linux for any really deeply held moral or philosophical reasons (I literally do it because it's interesting and fun), but it's certainly the case that I have come to appreciate the deeper reasons why I think open source works so well. So I may not have started to do Linux for any such deep reasons, and I cannot honestly say that that is what motivates me, but I do end up thinking about why it all works.

Anyway, click here and you'll be at before you finish saying, "God, please ask Janani to shut up, and take me to!"

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