Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jottings from Singapura - Part 3

Where people try to be too perfect!

Hi all!

I'm just back from a short trip to India, which was FANTASTIC! And when everybody asked me how my first impression of Singapore was, I told them that it's a country that's been "built really well--really, there are some brilliant examples of landscaping and architecture here" and where they "try to be too clean and perfect" and where everything is "way too automated for my liking." I'll give you examples of all these in subsequent posts, but here let me give you three examples of what I mean when I say they try to be too perfect and clean.

1) When a truck comes out of a construction site, the watchmen spray water to clean the tyres so that the concrete, sand and dust does not dirty the roads!

2) If you dilly-dally for too long tying your pyjamas or zipping up your trousers after getting up from the potty (at public toilets) the flush will be set on automatically, thinking you've forgotten!!

3) When you enter the various sections at the Jurong Bird Park, you'll have to pass through disinfectant curtains and doormats, to help keep their birds free from infection!

But trust me, they only "try"... and like in every city, it's only in the main areas that the cleanliness is strictly enforced. (I've seen people--Chinese more than Indian--spit and even litter in some localities... will meet you later with photos as proof of this!)

Hats off anyways, because their efforts are more or less successful at least in most parts of the city.

Ciao! More later...