Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When it rains, it pours -- good luck or bad! This time, fortunately, it turned out to be good luck.

a) The rains came, and the power shedding frequency has gone down amazingly. Just 1/2 an hour a day. Thank God.

b) After I sent the link to my blogpost on Sify (A long cable cut short) to a senior executive at the company, suddenly today evening two visitors knocked at my door - Sify's Area Manager and the local agent! They renewed my a/c for the pending two months, and assured me good service now and later. They did not refute any of the problems I faced but told me that this problem occured only in two areas of Bangalore and nowhere else. They also promised to rectify the problem in my neighbourhood. It'll take me a while to trust that this will happen, but I was definitely happy about the assurance and hope it turns out true. I know this isn't really citizen journalism -- it happened because I mailed the link to the top management, but I'm happy that they at least acted on this. If my neighbour gets the same service, it is citizen journalism!

c) The good tide continues -- BSNL has also fixed the massive exchange problem in our area, and I've had uninterrupted connectivity for the past two days. I almost fainted with joy when I got a call from BSNL asking if the problem has been solved. What service! Of course, this was definitely not because of any blogpost, but nonetheless, I'm glad it happened :-)

Touch wood! Hope God doesn't end with a, "Touche!" and stop the rains ;-)

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John said...

Hi Janani,

It's nice to know that your blog has been useful in getting service out of erring service providers.

Do keep in touch!