Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surprise, I'm back!

First of all, a breaking news, for those of you who don't already know -- we're back in India now! We relocated from Sydney to Bangalore in November 2007, after Vikram completed his project there. It's been an enjoyable and hectic time, and -- to be very frank -- my blog got relegated to the least priority as there were so many other things to do! But last week, a PR professional mailed me asking for my phone number so that she could arrange for an interview with her client (whom I wanted to discuss my next article topic with) -- and she was very surprised when I gave her a Bangalore number. "I saw your blog and thought you were in Sydney," she exclaimed. Well, if that isn't wake-up call enough to make me turn to my blog again, what is!

So, to bring you up to speed with the past few months...

Our last few months in Sydney were very eventful, beautiful and memorable. Apart from catching up with friends and shopping trips, we also visited some very interesting places including the heritage suburb called Paramatta, a lot of Hindu temples, and the Wollongong Buddhist Temple. Thinking that we should compliment all the cultural experiences with a splash of adventure too, we went on a whale-watching trip! But I must admit, it was enjoyable only till we sighted the whales. The return back to the shores was not that enjoyable, no thanks to nausea. We just stopped short of throwing up, but the sight of a lot of people around us doing so was not so enviable :-) But in all, it was a beautiful time, and we wound it up in a very fitting manner, by spending our last few evenings In Sydney with friends, or lounging at Circular Quay and Darling Harbour reminiscing.

Back in Bangalore, India now, we've rented a nice, homely house in Padmanabha Nagar, Banshankari, surrounded by temples and marketplaces. Fortunately, this locality is still old Bangalore, untouched to a large extent by the mall-culture that the growth of the IT industry has brought with it. It is so nice out here that it truly feels like we're back in India.

I'm enjoying the same old pleasures of working from home, spending lots of time with my husband and our families, making masala chai when I feel sleepy, buying vegetables right outside the house, and the luxury of having the newspaper and milk delivered at the doorstep every morning. Vikram and I have been travelling a lot since we returned to India -- catching up on social commitments and time with our families. And we're loving every minute.