Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Satisfied Squirrel

This morning, as always, I laid out rice under the tree outside our house -- customarily meant for the crows, but always eaten by other animals including a tiny mouse that lives in a hole under the tree. Just when I was about to go back into the house, I heard a happy squeal and turned back, only to see a tiny squirrel eating the rice.

It was interesting and insightful seeing how the squirrel had its fill. It rushed down the tree and took four to five morsels of rice, that is all. Delighted to see its hands FULL of rice, it rushed back up the tree to the lowest branch and happily devoured it. It came back again for two or three more fills, and then rushed away playfully.

In all, it must have had less than one mouthful of rice by our standards, but it seemed so satisfied and happy. The spoonful of rice I served out would have fed four or five squirrels, I guess! And that in itself is a satisfying thought.

Well, it all goes to show just one thing -- satisfaction is relative. We are as happy and satisfied as we want to be!