Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Interesting Electronics Learning Tool


I find this new electronics learning tool called littleBits quite interesting. It is for electronics what Lego is to mechanics... building blocks representing various electronics components that can be put together and pulled apart very easily. The components stick to the circuit board using little magnets, and so there is no pasting or soldering involved. Little kids can use littleBits to add lights and fans to their model houses, older ones can use the kit to understand how various gadgets work, while others can even use it to prototype their ideas.

You can call it a toy, or an innovation tool, depending on how you use it. In either case, it is quite interesting. They're on a small scale now, but hopefully a recent collaboration with a supply chain giant will ensure that it hits the markets in a big way.

I've written more about this at electronicsforu.com